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Program Modules

During our nine month program, our course consists of four modules. Each module runs for 9 weeks and includes key production deliverables. Each student receives their grades at the conclusion of each module.

Course Weeks

Each week of classes runs Monday through Thursday (with variation for federal holidays). Fridays are unstructured so that students may work on their productions.
Each week is devoted to a specific course. For the week, our students are taught by industry professionals who actively work in their respective areas of expertise. This fast-paced format provides the structure that enables our students to build the production skillset.

Instruction Days

A typical class day may start at 10 a.m. at the NFI. Students begin with instruction regarding the week’s topics and then put their knowledge into practice through hands-on exercises and demonstrations. Formal instruction usually runs for 3.5 hours, followed by 3 hours of active lab studies. Lab studies allow our students the flexibility to work on the week’s relevant skills and their ongoing projects.

NFI starts a new course every 3 months.

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